Senin, 06 September 2010

The God of Facebook

One day I read an interesting trivia news about Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the well-known Facebook. The news said that Mark has intentionally made his account as the only unblocked one. Try to block Mark’s page, and you’ll see an error message like this, “Sorry! The blocking system is overloaded. Please wait a few minutes and try again.” (the message seems to be changing all the time) and then you’ll have to click the “Okay” button, whether you want it or not. The same message won’t appear if you try to click any other account.

If you are a facebooker, you might know the function of reporting or blocking a person’s account. When you block an account, the person who owns the account won’t be able to find you anywhere in Facebook “realm” through that account. You will then be invisible to him/her. I applied that to Rhoma Irama’s account right after trying to block Mark’s, and it works. After succesfully blocking Rhoma’s account, I gave another shot to Mark’s, but the error message appeared again! That reporting/blocking system obviously doesn’t work for Mark’s, its creator.

Just like you cannot hide your Facebook account from Mark Zuckerberg, so can’t you hide yourself from God. No matter how hard you try to “block” Him, God will always be able to see your “account” whenever He wants to. God is the Creator of life system, thus, He is able to do anything He wants. He’s in control.

Many people spend their efforts to hide themselves from God, even denying His existence as Stephen Hawking did recently. But that’s useless thing to do. Noone can block God out of his life, just like noone can block Mark’s account. God is Mark Zuckerberg of life, and Mark, in this sense, is the “God” of Facebook.

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