Jumat, 03 September 2010


i am an interesting kind of person. i have seen a lot of tragedy in my lifetime, may have done things that i deeply regret, and can be extremely depressive and pessimistic. i am, however, very intelligent and inventive. externally, i can seem to be constantly cold and calculating, watching the world and taking every bit in to be looked over and analyzed. this leads me to have a very philosophical nature, observing humans and seeing the motives behind everything that they do. i am also very intuitive, and can sense subconsciously whether or not someone is trustworthy. i actually have more common sense than most, and a high instinct for self preservation.

having seen such a rough life as i have, i really would not mind having another chance to try again. at some point, i may have thought of suicide, or harmed myself physically. unfortunately, nothing can take away the pain and the trauma, but i can always move forward, turn over a new leaf and help someone, in turn helping yourself and triumphing over a bad past by making the future brighter.

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